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Who We Are

Timaru North and South Kāhui Ako is made up of 17 schools and 21 early childhood centres from around South Canterbury

It was established formally in 2017 when a group of school and ECE leaders came together to discuss how we could work together as a Community of Learning. It had followed a lot of discussion in the 1-2 years prior as to what we wanted and how our Kāhui Ako would operate. It was decided that the group would be divided into two Kāhui Ako which would operate as one while being administratively separate.

In March 2018 Lead Principals were appointed for each of South Timaru and North Timaru Kāhui Ako. A strategic plan was developed, communication processes established, and visits made to the kura involved in each of the Kāhui Ako. The achievement challenges that were most important to the leaders and kura communities were documented. In 2020 a change of Lead Principals took place. The direction and vision of the combined Kahui Akos is currently being reviewed with the support of an independent facilitator to ensure all kura continue top feel connected to the aims of their Kahu Ako. An action plan will be created so all involved have a clear understanding of timelines, expectations and responsibilities.

A Stewardship Team meets as required to ensure policies and procedures are established and adhered to, assist with appointments eg Kāhui Facilitators etc. It is made up of the Lead Principals, Board representatives (both school and ECE), and an Iwi representative. The Management Team is made up of the principals of all kura in both Kāhui Ako and two ECE representatives. It meets twice a term to discuss progress, make decisions and provide feedback for the Lead Principals. All kura are keen to work together in a positive way for the benefit of our students and kura communities.

Five Across School Facilitators link into all kura and support and guide the In School Collaborators. Across School Facilitators lead Kāhui Ako wide inquiries that develop and support transition, and priority learners. In School Collaborators guide staff within kura to inquire into their practice so as to benefit student learning and achievement.

Lead Principals

Lead Principal Timaru South
Matt Gollins
Lead Principal Timaru North
Mark Creba

Across School Facilitators

Timaru North Across School Teacher
Whaea Iri
Timaru North Across School Teacher
Nic Hill
Timaru North Across School Teacher
Rebecca Best
Timaru South Across School Teacher
Kirsty Stone
Timaru South Across School Teacher
Vaughan Skea
Timaru South Across School Teacher
Sarah Robinson

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    Stronger together

    All Kura working together in a positive way for the benefit of our students and Kura communities.

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